Product Highlight – Etekcity Wireless Remote Control Electrical Outlet Switch for Household Appliances

This is as simple as it gets. This is not something you really need us to install but if you run into problems let us know and we’ll be happy to help.


I like these because there is no setup. 1) Plug 1 of these modules into the wall. 2) Plug the device you want to control into the module. 3) Turn the device on and off using the appropriate button on the remote. The item linked above gives you 2 remotes that control the same 5 modules. There are versions that have 1 remote for 1 or 3 modules as well.


You can use this to turn a lamp on and off, disconnect your TV to eliminate vampire loads, manage your Christmas lights, or start your coffee maker before you get out of bed.


The biggest benefit for these is the simplicity. This is also the biggest limitation though. It doesn’t have a lot of the cool features we normally associate with home automation like voice control via your phone or another device or connection with a smart meter.


I recommend these for an simple an inexpensive entry to home automation. Check back here often and we’ll dig into more of the cutting edge products.

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